Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my quilting heritage...

I thought for my first real post i would show some pictures of my quilting heritage. These 3 quilts were made by my maternal great-grandmother Linnie Erie Vickers.
The first one is an appliqued dogwood quilt with hand-quilting done about 1933.
This purple and white quilt she titled "Pride of West Virginia" and was made about 1935.

The green and white quilt was also titled "Pride of West Virginia" and was finished in 1965. It was purchased by the then governor's wife, Mrs. Moore in 1970.

There is a long history in my family of incredibly talented grandmother Louise and my mother Barbara are accomplished quilters...meaning as i attempt to become a quilter myself, i have very large shoes to fill! This will be a blog about trying to fill them...join me on my journey...and wish me luck!!